Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Fresh showers raise the spectre of travails for Bengaluru’s upscale Epsilon

The executives of top-notch companies, who are residents of the upscale Epsilon neighbourhood are haunted by the probability of a submersion of their colony again due to deluge, though they are unaffected by the current spell of heavy downpour. People of the posh colony in suburban Yamalur are worried that they may have to once again face the travails of having to move out of their houses in case of flooding. Many parts of Bengaluru witnessed heavy overnight rainfall.

“This time there is absolutely no problem in our layout but I am not sure whether the problem has been sorted out because there appears to be some pile-up of debris in the lower stream of Bellandur lake, which may cause problem in the future,” Vinod Kaushik, the CEO of a startup company told PTI.

During the torrential rains on September 6 and 7, Epsilon went under water –approximately above 3-feet– compelling the corporate honchos to flee to safety on tractors and trucks leaving behind their belongings.

The Bellandur lake, the largest water body of Bengaluru, is located close to the Epsilon neighbourhood as well. Civic authorities said a series of efforts were made to remove encroachments in the waterbody and it has proven to be effective.

The residents of Rainbow Residential Layout in the downstream of Bellandur were not so lucky as their area was flooded on Wednesday night making them to once again undergo the same nightmarish experience they faced last month.

Kaushik was among those who rushed out of their houses along with their families as water gushed into their houses. After several days, when the flood water receded, they returned and had to spend a lot of time and money to clean up the mess caused by inundation.

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