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UP Yoddhas 43-24 Telugu Titans Highlights, Pro Kabaddi 2022: UP Yoddhas thrashes Telugu by 21 points

Welcome to the live coverage of the 1st fixture of 31st October of the Pro Kabaddi League 2022 between UP Yoddhas and Telugu Titans at the Shree Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex, Balewadi in Pune on Monday.

Scores read UP vs Telugu:


43-24 Surender Gill goes in the raid which will be the last one of the match and he comes back empty-handed. With this UP has won this match convincingly, thrashing Telugu by 20 points.

43-24 K Hanumanthu gets first raid point of the match, Nitesh gives his touchpoint.

43-23 Gulveer takes Ankit’s tackle pont.

43-22 Mohit Pahal gets the tackle point of Aman

43-21 Gurdeep gets another tackle point, Adarsh what’s wrong with you young man? He looks out of form.

42-21 An easy bonus to Gill.

41-21 A good defensive act by the titans, Gulveer Singh will go out and Parvesh will get another point in defense.

41-20 Another point to UP, K Hanumanthu get tackled by Nitin Panwar.

40-20 Parvesh finally gets a tackle point, Pardeep Narwal yet again! Third time in three raids.

40-19 A technical point to the titansas one raider from UP went out.


40-18 Gurdeep takes Adarsh T out.

39-17 Mohsen Maghsoudlou in the act for the Titans in defence too, tackles Pardeep Narwal and he has to face the bench a second time in two raids.

39-16 Another bonus for Mohsen Maghsoudlou

39-15 There is no one to stop Gill today, he takes Mohit Pahal out.

38-15 Mohsen Maghsoudlou gets an easy bonus.

38-14 Mohit Pahal in the act for the first time in the match, tackled the dangerous Pardeep Narwal.

38-13 Bonus for Adarsh

38-12 Nitin will go out as Gill goes back with his point.

37-12 Right cover Ashu completes his high five by blocking and brining Abhishek Singh down.

36-12 Ashu Singh dashed Mohit Pahal and this will be the THIRD ALL-OUT on Telugu Titans.

33-12 Easy point for Surender Gill as he completes his Super 1o with a touchpoint of Parvesh Bhainswal.


32-12 Gurdeep gets his fourth point in the game with a tackle point of Adarsh T.

31-12 Pardeep goes and within few seconds he gets the touchpoint of Nitin in a do-or-die raid.

30-12 Mohsen Maghsoudlou fails yet again in the raid as Sumit caught him in on his grip.

29-12 Pardeep displayed great use of his lower body as Ankit held him on in the back but he just escapes away using his lower back and legs.

28-12 Sumit tackles Abhishek Singh and UP is running away in this match.

27-12 Surender Gill on his buissness, he gets another bonus.

26-12 Mohit Pahal gets the bonus but Gurdeep has tackled him and UP has INFLICTED THE SECOND ALL-OUT on the titans.

23-11 Surender Gill takes the touchpoint of Ankit and they are nearing another allout as the titans are only left with Mohit Pahal

22-11 Ashu and Gurdeep deashed and hammered Mohsen Maghsoudlou out of the mat!

21-11 A SUPER TACKLE for the Titans and they will get two points but one defender goes out of bounds and they have gifted a point to UP in return!


20-9 An abysmal day in the mat for Vishal Bhardwaj as he gives his easy touchpoint to Pardeep Narwal and with this the half-time hooter has rang!

19-9 UP won’t let Telugu to make a comeback, Ashu Singh dashhed Adarsh T who looked good till now for the titans.

18-9 Pardeep does the classic dubki! He goes under the chain of Parvesh Bhainswal and Nitin, taking both them out from the mat.

16-9 Abhishek Singh looks good for the titans, he takes the touchpoint of Nitesh Kumar.

16-8 UP has INFLICTED AN ALL-OUT to Telugu Titans! Surender Gill dented the two-man defence of the titans as he takes the points of Nitin and Parvesh Bhainswal along with two all-out point.

12-8 Gurdeep tackled Adarsh t who comes in a do-or-die raid.

11-8 Pardeep is in his groove now, gets his fourth point from this game, Vishal Bhardwaj will go out, certainly not the first time.

10-8 Pardeep enters the lobby as he is confident that he got the touch on Abhishek Singh, and he will go back with a point of him.

9-8 A point each given to both teams however Monu Goyat will go out as Ankit tackled him.

8-7 Surender Gill takes the touchpoint of Ankit and he puts UP in the lead now.

7-7 Vishal Bhardwaj has failed yet again, Pardeep gets his point and the socres are level again.

6-7 A do-or-die raid for the Titans, Adarsh T gets Jaideep and put Telugu in the lead once again!

6-6 Surender restores the parity in the score yet again, he has just one job, to level the score for UP! Vishal Bhardwaj will go out this time.

Telugu has managed to keep Pardeep Narwal out for more than 7 minutes in the first 11 minute!

5-6 Adarsh T continues to impress and this time he takes Nitesh Kumar touchpoint.

5-5 Surender Gill gets a bonus and it’s again 5 apiece now.

4-5 Abhishek Singh looks quite promising, he touches Sumit and he has to go out.

4-4 Surender bring the score on level once again, he gets the touchpoint of Nitin in a do-or-die raid.

3-4 Adarsh T gets the point of Gurdeep with a brilliant back kick on Gurdeep! Well done young man.

3-3 Telugu has tamed the beast, Narwal will go on and sit out in the bench as he has been tackled by Parvesh Bhainswal

3-2 Abhishek Singh gets the touchpoint of Ashu Singh.

3-1 Pardeep Narwal gets the point of the match, he takes Vishal Bhardwaj out in the benches.

2-1 A good team effort to tackle Adarsh T, Gurdeep will get the point.

1-1 Surender Gill brings the score to parity with a bonus.

1-0 Monu Goyat starts with a bonus point.

TOSS UPDATE: U.P. Yoddhas team won the toss, Telugu to raid first.

Pardeep Narwal recently crossed the 1400 raid points. The imperious raider has now set his sights higher:

“In the beginning of my PKL career, I just wanted to get selected in one of the teams. I didn’t know that I would perform so well in the competition. However, I want to keep going and cross 1600 points within this season.”

HEAD-TO-HEAD | Matches: 10 | UP: 6 | Telugu: 2 | Tie: 2


UP YODDHAS: Pardeep Narwal

TELUGU TITANS: Siddharth Desai

Seems to be the first start of the season for Abozar Mighani. Another big name in the league who has not had great seasons in the last few editions will turn out, this time, for the UP Yoddhas. The Iranian goes up against his former team today.


UP Yoddhas: Pardeep Narwal, Abozar Mighani, Ashu Singh, Surender Gill, Gurdeep, Nitesh Kumar, Sumit

Telugu Titans: Abhishek Singh, Nitin, Parvesh Bhainswal, Adarsh T, Monu Goyat, Ankit, Vishal Bhardwaj



Lost 34-29 to Bengaluru Bulls

Lost 25-45 to Bengal Warriors

Beat Patna Pirates 30-21

Lost 26-46 to Dabang Delhi

Lost 25-26 to Puneri Paltan

Lost 27-51 to Jaipur Pink Panthers

Lost 24-43 to Haryana Steelers

Lost 19-30 to Gujarat Giants


Beat Jaipur Pink Panthers 34-32

Lost 23-30 to U Mumba

Lost 42-44 to Dabang Delhi

Beat Bengaluru Bulls 44-37

Lost 45-51 to Gujarat Giants

Beat Tamil Thalaivas 41-24

Lost 29-34 Patna Pirates

U.P. Yoddhas have found consistency hard to come by this season and have three wins and four losses to show for their efforts so far. Their main raiders Surender Gill and Pardeep Narwal have contributed for the Yoddhas with 69 and 68 raid points respectively. However, they wouldn’t mind more support in attack from the rest of their teammates to ease the pressure from their shoulders. On the defensive front, Ashu Singh with 21 tackle points has been their best performer, while the tried and tested duo of Sumit and Nitesh Kumar have chipped in with 18 and 16 tackle points respectively.

Telugu Titans, meanwhile, find themselves at the bottom of the standings with just one win and seven losses from eight games. The Titans have found it difficult to get into any sort of rhythm in Season 9 with both their attack and defence failing to deliver. Siddharth Desai with 36 raid points has been their top attacker, while Vinay with 32 raid points and Monu Goyat with 30 raid points are their next-best attackers. Needless to say, the aforementioned trio need to start firing on all cylinders for the Titans to start winning. Furthermore, their defence needs to step up as well considering Vishal Bhardwaj with 12 tackle points has been their best defender. Surjeet Singh and Vijay Kumar are their next best tacklers with 10 and nine tackle points respectively.



Raiders: Pardeep Narwal, Surender Gill, Nitin Tomar, James Namaba Kamweti, Rathan K, Gulveer Singh, Durgesh Kumar, Anil Kumar, Rohit Tomar, Aman, Mahipal, Rathan K

Defenders: Nitesh Kumar, Abozar Mohajer Mighani, Shubham Kumar, Babu Murugasan, Jaideep, Sumit, Ashu Singh

All-Rounders: Nehal Desai, Nitin Panwar, Gurdeep


Raiders: Abhishek Singh, Monu Goyat, Siddharth Sirish Desai, Rajnish, Ankit Beniwal, Vinay.

Defenders: Surjeet Singh, Parvesh Bhainswal, Vishal Bhardwaj, Adarsh T, Ravinder Pahal, Vijay Kumar, Mohit, Mohit Pahal. Muhammed Shihas S, Palla Ramakrishna, Prince D, Ankit, Nitin.

All-Rounders: Mohsen Maghsoudlou Jafari, K Hanumanthu, Hamid Mirzaei Nader, Ravinder.

Where can you watch UP Yoddhas vs Telugu Titans PKL 9?

Pro Kabaddi Season 9 will be telecast live on the Star Sports Network and Disney+ Hotstar from 8:30 PM onwards on Monday, October 31.

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