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Here’s how doctors treat their own colds and flus

Individuals are being hit with a barrage of seasonal diseases proper now together with flu, RSV and Covid-19. So, we requested ear, nostril and throat specialists, pediatricians and household docs in regards to the medicines they take and cures they swear by when sick.

All of the docs stated that relaxation and fluids are key. And everybody stated it’s essential to be up-to-date on flu photographs and Covid vaccinations, together with boosters. They’d extra shocking recommendation too, corresponding to which over-the-counter drugs are value taking, when to top off on provides, and how you can keep away from a possible threat of nasal irrigation.

Right here’s what else the docs stated:


Marc G. Dubin, an ear, nostril and throat physician (or otolaryngologist) in Towson, Md., normally catches a respiratory bug a few times a 12 months. “We’re kind of in everybody’s faces being sneezed on and coughed on all day,” he says.

With chilly medicines, he picks one which targets solely the signs he has. He causes that easier is healthier to keep away from pointless unintended effects. When he has a cough and congestion, for instance, he’ll take a drug with the lively elements guaifenesin, an expectorant that loosens mucus, and dextromethorphan, a cough suppressant. He says he tends to keep away from antihistamines containing diphenhydramine since it may possibly make mucus thicker and tougher to cough up.

Different docs additionally say they restrict the period of time they take a drug to keep away from unintended effects. For nasal congestion, Sterling Ransone, a household doctor in Deltaville, Va., makes use of an oral decongestant with pseudoephedrine, like Sudafed, or a nasal spray decongestant like Afrin however just for a couple of days.

Pseudoephedrine could make blood strain rise if taken too lengthy, he says. And nasal spray decongestants can really improve swelling if used longer-term, he says. Dr. Ransone throws these drugs and different provides right into a plastic bin that he updates by the start of November annually so he doesn’t need to exit and probably infect others when sickness hits.

Pediatrician Gary Kirkilas usually avoids over-the-counter chilly medication and fever reducers, which, docs notice, simply deal with signs and don’t alter the course of the sickness. However when he has a sore throat, Dr. Kirkilas does use Chloraseptic throat spray simply earlier than he eats and earlier than going to mattress. “It buys you about quarter-hour of ache aid,” says Dr. Kirkilas, who practices in Phoenix.

Different cures

Dr. Dubin, the ear, nostril and throat specialist in Maryland, makes use of a squirt bottle crammed with a saline answer bought at drugstores to irrigate the nasal passages. You have to use distilled or boiled water since faucet water might include micro organism and microbes, Dr. Dubin notes. He makes use of salt answer packets bought to be used with nasal irrigation bottles, that are designed to match the salt focus of physique tissue, he says.

“If you happen to simply pump common water in your nostril, it may possibly result in extra swelling,” he says.

Some docs attain for soothing meals. Mary Mitskavich, an ear, nostril and throat physician in Neptune, N.J., says she finds some aid along with her husband’s white bean and noodle soup. “Whenever you’re not feeling good, you search for your consolation meals,” she says.

Dr. Ransone will get into the cans of rooster noodle soup he retains in his emergency sickness bin. Some analysis does counsel that rooster soup, which gives fluids, electrolytes, lean protein and carbohydrates, has anti-inflammatory properties.

Ellen Rome, a pediatrician, takes elderberry tablets when she’s feeling sick. Some producers declare that elderberry boosts the immune system, however Dr. Rome notes that there isn’t definitive proof to assist taking it. She additionally takes excessive doses of vitamin C throughout the first two days of signs. “I’ve discovered no literature to assist this, but it surely appears to be the trick for our household,” says Dr. Rome, head of the Middle for Adolescent Drugs at Cleveland Clinic Youngsters’s hospital.


The docs we spoke with stated they do a fast Covid check once they really feel even gentle signs together with a runny nostril or a scratchy throat to allow them to isolate away from others if the check is optimistic.

Dr. Ransone, board chair of the American Academy of Household Physicians, retains a few Covid checks in his emergency equipment. He’ll get examined for flu, too, if his signs counsel it. The Covid antiviral Paxlovid and flu treatment Tamiflu each have to be began early in the middle of sickness to be efficient, so confirming a prognosis helps get a bounce on remedy.

Relaxation up or energy by?

If Dr. Dubin has gentle signs, no fever, and has examined damaging for Covid on a fast check, he’ll nonetheless come to work and put on an N-95 masks, a step up from his traditional surgical one. If his signs last more than seven to 10 days, he’ll ask considered one of his companions to search for his nostril to test for a sinus an infection, which may wish antibiotics to clear.

Dr. Mitskavich simply bought over a bug that she suspects was RSV. She had a fever, congestion, a runny nostril and cough. She stayed house, took chilly medication and acetaminophen, went to mattress earlier and slept in later.

She used the time at house to do administrative work on her pc, too. “I bought a few of the drudgery completed,” she says. “Everyone is completely different with what their definition of relaxation is.”

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